William Moore serves in the capacity of President and Athletic Director for Technique Training Concepts, Inc. Coach Moore, a Newport News, Virginia native, is a former Thomas Nelson Community College Basketball Athlete with over 19 years experience coaching youth sports (track, football, basketball and baseball).  He demonstrates strong knowledge and understanding of sportsmanship and the passion to make a positive difference in our society and today's youth. He relates well with our coaching staff and takes pride in the relationship he has with our athletes and our community.  Coach Moore stresses the importance of the "student-athlete" concept as he encourages our youth to stay focused in their efforts to succeed.  William Moore has also serves as Sports Director for Virginia AAU Track and Field since 2009 - present.


Charlene Moore (Lewes, Delaware native; 1986 Hampton University - B.S. Marketing) serves Technique Training Concepts, Inc. as Managing Director and Secretary.  With over 20 years of management and supervisory skills she demonstrates the business acumen necessary to successfully set and reach Technique Track Club goals.  Charlene has dedicated time as "team mom" and fundraiser for various youth basketball, baseball and football teams throughout the Hampton community.  Charlene takes pride in being a role model for the youth with which she interacts and stresses to them the importance of making positive choices.  Charlene Moore also serves as Secretary for Virginia AAU Track and Field.


Robert "Moochie" Hill, a Newport News, Virginia native and former MenchvilleHigh School and Texas Southern University sprinter, still holds the Peninsula District record (over 20 years withstanding) in the 100 meter dash.  Robert is a 23 year Northrop Grumman Newport News shipbuilding employee who spends his off time traveling and working with youth.  Coach Moochie has over 9 years experience coaching youth sports (football, track and field) and serves Technique in the capacity of Vice President of Training and Athletics, Assistant Head Coach and Head Sprint Coach.  Coach Moochie believes that all children have something positive to offer and demonstrates a knack for bringing out the best in Technique athletes.

Sheldon Davis, a Hampton Roads native, currently serves Technique Track Club as Assistant Coach (Youth Division 13-14).  Sheldon has been an asset to Technique Track Club since it's inception and shows his dedication by sharing his vast coaching experience with our youth.  Sheldon's experience includes coaching recreational, high school, middle school, AAU and USA sports.  His history also includes personal  consultant in hurdle technique and throwing events.


Founda Shufford (Brooklyn, New York native) serves Technique Track Club as assistant coach  for the primary through  bantam age groups. Founda has eight years of  coaching experience in youth baseball and softball also serves as board member and is a certified baseball umpire for the district. Has been with Technique Track for two years and enjoys helping  kids get to the next level in the sport of track and field. He believes if the kids are not doing something productive the will find something to do that is unproductive.

Wayne Walker (Norfolk, Virgina native; former Southhampton County resident; Active Duty Army and Army Reserve - 27 years; Northrop Grumman/Newport News Shipbuilding - Production Foreman) serves Technique Track Club as Assistant Distance Coach and as a primary member of the Technique Nutritional Advisory Board.  In addition to coaching track and field, Wayne has 10 years experience coaching Deer Park Association youth football for Newport News Parks and Recreation.  Coach Wayne instills, in our youth, the concept that hard work, discipline and a positive attitude gives them a strong foundation for the future.


Coach Jason Philson (Laurens SC native and retired after serving more than 20 years in the U.S. Air Force) serves Technique Track Club as Assistant Coach for the midget thru youth age division.  Jason received his Bachelor of Arts in Religion from Saint Leo University and is a candidate for the Master of Arts, Community Counseling from Norfolk State University.  Jason has over 10 years coaching and has also dedicated his time to youth sports in the past by coaching baseball and basketball.  One quote he lives by comes from Proverbs 12:24 “Hard work will give you power; being lazy will make you a slave.”


Staff members not pictured :

Coaches - Willie Wiggins, Shirlen Dixon, Donna Hill,

Staff Assistants - Valarie Goodson, Sheila Greenlee, Natalie Burrell, Clovita Owens Stackfield

Coach Robert Mitchell, Coach Candyce Brockington and Coach Kelvin Solomon 

Technique Track Club will always remember you!


Mike Gault is the distance coach for the Technique Track Club. Mike's old school approach has helped Technique's distance runners excel here locally and nationally.  His no-nonsense approach and discipline emphasizes to the young athletes that hard work will beat lazy talent.  In addition, Mike preaches along with Technique the importance of academics. Always conscious about the way his athletes look up to him, Mike decided to be a role model and set the example by going back to college.  He is set to graduate from Everglades University in 2016.

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